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Webinar: Imaging Seeds for Diagnostic Purposes

by | Aug 12, 2021

This webinar introduces the basic requirement and skills to make seed images as virtual reference for seed identification.  The knowledge can also apply to making seed images for peer consultation or building lab internal image library.

Presenters: Dr. Ruojing Wang (CFIA), Madeline Maher (USDA APHIS), Lindsey Seastone (USDA APHIS)


  • Selecting specimens and planning for imaging (i.e., specimen preparation); overview of the seed-imaging process and guidelines for getting started.
  • Specific examples of seed/fruit imaging on a toxic-seed-ID tool for the FBI, including how to select which images to take of a given specimen
  • Imaging techniques and troubleshooting various common imaging issues
  • Q&A to address questions from participants (10-15 minutes)