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by | Mar 29, 2023

After years of work behind the scenes, the updated Seed ID Guide has finally launched!

The ID Keys, Fact Sheets, Gallery of images and Glossary of terms are still here, expanded and updated, along side some exciting new features:

  • More complete information in fact sheets, including information on embryo morphology, as well as floral, fruit, and botanical features when available, and distribution maps.
  • New fact sheets: old sheets have been revised, and new sheets are being written, reviewed, and published, as we work actively to review and author fact sheets for important taxa in seed analysis across North America and the world.
  • New ways to compare similar species: a new and dynamic interface for selecting similar species and comparing images side-by-side.
  • Our Digital ID Keys section and user guide have been updated and expanded.
  • New Author Portal for digital submission and review of fact sheets and images

And many more small tweaks for a better user experience.

Welcome, and enjoy!

–The ISMA team